Tuesday AM Linkage - NBC New York

Tuesday AM Linkage



    · Tirades about Bloomberg term limit bill signing less than uplifting [NYT]
    · Trump buys Scottish dunes for $10M, now worth $300M after...zoning fight [NYP]

    · So much for the GPS thing on the buses [NYDN] · With 15 CPW, etc., the UWS beats the UES on sale prices [TRE]
    · Go fly a freakin' kite in Dumbo [NYDN]
    · Please curb your pet or, you know, pets [Lost City]
    · Crowds out voting at 645AM in Carroll Gardens, but they had a bake sale [GL]
    · Also, it's Election Day in Greenpoint too [NYShitty]
    · The Brits consider the politics of Park Slope [Brownstoner]

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