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Friday PM Linkage



    · Tips for gentrifiers on how to survive their new neigborhoods [NYC the Blog]

    · JP Morgan expanding mortgage-modifying to avoid $70B in foreclosures [Crain's] · Rent Joe Pantoliano's Fairfield basement for $1,100 per month [Daily Intel]
    · 9th Street building in gas feud with new East Village restaurant downstairs [Eater]
    · Park Slopeish building is the Leaning Brownstone of Brooklyn [City Room]
    · Cornell U rethinking its construction projects in the city [Crain's]
    · Washington Sq. Park redesigner doesn't want his photo taken [WSP]
    · Check out Roosevelt Island's spinning wheel of death [Roosevelt Islander]
    · We tried to think of a French Navy joke for this but we came up dry [BK Heights]
    · Don't even think about gathering in Sleepy Hollow tonight [Urbanite]

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