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Thursday AM Linkage



    · People are 'skeptical' about city's plan to fix public housing elevators [NYT]
    · People just aren't feeling the term limits thingamawhatsis & are suing [Metro]

    · Some say Mayor exaggerated fiscal trouble to get term limits extended! [NYT] · Shocker: MTA is saying they're going to cut service [NYDN]
    · Turtle Bay has had 'star quality' help keep the run alive [Urbanite]
    · Go get haunted in the Village [TONY]
    · Did NY's Finest sodomize this poor Brooklyn bastard w/ a broomstick? [NYT]
    · As noted, uber-rich living at One Hanson have non-union employees w/o health insurance [Brownstoner]
    · Another look back at Smith Street: 1928 edition [PMFA]
    · Joke about Hooters on Court St. is actually believed by someone [McBrooklyn]
    · Screw Halloween: it's already Christmas in Downtown Brooklyn [GL]

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