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Friday AM Linkage



    · For those who were in a coma: Bloomberg can be Mayor for Life [NYT]
    · Oh, wow. People read real estate blogs. [WSJ]

    · Affordable housing in E. Village still profitable to nonprofit thieves [Villager] · In case you can't get enough Bianca Jagger eviction satisfaction [NYP]
    · Happy news: Con Ed wants more of your money [NYT]
    · Forest City Ratner says don't worry about its S&P downgrade [Forbes]
    · Jersey thinks it's special, wants govt to help stop foreclosures [NYT]
    · Even after 'improvements,' you'll get killed crossing at Atlantic & Flatbush [AYR]
    · You need a girl? Go see Antonio (HR Dept. might not like this one) [NYShitty]
    · Get rid of the sofa by having drunks put it on top of a Red Hook bus shelter! [GL]

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