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Monday AM Linkage



    · We knew it: our tourist friends love the Stairway to Nowhere [NYT]
    · Dude from Florida moves to Staten Island, then Chelsea [Metro]

    · Blast from the past: remembering the Village's 'Weathermen Townhouse' [TRE] · Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to run arts space on Governors Island [NYT]
    · Possibly, it would be better to leave the potholes alone [NYP]
    · Reasons to love Hunters Point (aka part of Long Island City) [NYM]
    · Community board wants 2,400 more units of housing in nabe! [Queens Crap]
    · BK murders up and you're more likely get killed in South Brooklyn [NYDN]
    · Ass hats still running around Brooklyn pushing new energy policy [GL]
    · It's Halloween time: RIP Wall St., WaMu, Joe the Plumber, etc. [NYShitty]

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