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Curbed Marketplace: Weekend Open House Roundup



    Curbed Marketplace: Weekend Open House Roundup

    Everyone, relax. Why not take a take a guided weekend tour with Curbed Marketplace? We've got what you're looking for in the open house calendar:

    1)124 DeKalb Avenue, 3BR, 2BA, 5775 sq ft, $4.9M [Citi Habitats]

    1)88 Greenwich Street, 1BR, 1BA, 845 sq ft, $850K []
    2)7 Bond Street, 2BR, 2.5BA, 2400sq ft, $4.24M [Citi Habitats]
    3)365 W. 20th Street, 2BR, 1BA, 750sq ft, $995K [Prudential Douglas Elliman]
    4)525 E. 86th Street, 3BR, 3BA, 2000 sq ft, $2.25M [Citi Habitats]
    5)623 A Willoughby Avenue, 9BR, 3BA, 3200 sq ft, $825K [Citi Habitats]
    6)4 W. 21st Street (above), 2BR, 3BA, 1475 sq ft, $1.795M [Citi Habitats]
    7)130 Fulton Street, 2BR, 2BA, $1.96M [Citi Habitats]
    8)15 Jones Street, 2BR, 2BA, 850sq ft, $999K [Citi Habitats]
    9201 E. 36th Street, 1BR, 1BA, 904sq ft, $899K [Citi Habitats]
    10250 South End Avenue, 2BR, 2BA, 1066sq ft, $899K [Citi Habitats]

    11817 West End Avenue, 3BR, 2BA, 1918sq ft, $2.3M [Citi Habitats]
    1228 Cliff Street, 4BR, 2BA, 1550sq ft, $1.3M [Citi Habitats]
    13115 E. 36th Street, 1BR, 2BA, 1100sq ft, $1.095M [Citi Habitats]
    14205 Third Avenue, 1BR, 1BA, 858sq ft, $860K [Citi Habitats]
    15224 E. 14th Street, 2BR, 2.5BA, 1782sq ft, $2.1M [Prudential Douglas Elliman]
    1610 Mitchell Place, 2BR, 2BA, 1300sq ft, $1.425M [Prudential Douglas Elliman]
    1787 E. 2nd Street, 2BR, 1BA, 1150sq ft, $1.275M [Citi Habitats]
    18400 E. 59th Street, 2BR, 2BA, 1200sq ft, $1.049M [Citi Habitats]
    19164 Bank Street, 1BR, 1BA, 700sq ft, $999K [Citi Habitats]
    2022 W. 15th Street, 1BR, 1BA, 700sq ft, $825K [Citi Habitats]
    21350 W. 42nd Street, 2BR, 2BA, 1349sq ft, $1.835M [Citi Habitats]
    22340 E. 80th Street, 2BR, 2BA, 1200 sq ft, $935K [Citi Habitats]
    23350 W. 50th Street, 1BR, 1BA, 585sq ft, $819K [Citi Habitats]
    24100 W. 93rd Street3BR, 2BA, 1351sq ft, $1.35M [Citi Habitats]

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