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Thursday PM Linkage



    · Barbara Corcoran's weekend plans include pancakes, pony skins [City Room]
    · PA unveils design for renovated Washington Heights bus depot [NYO]

    · Today in overly ambitious transit proposals: light rail, Greenpoint ferry [TRE] · Thompson LES has great 'dirty hipster' views [HotelChatter]
    · Halstead takes RE ads from the screens in cabs to the screens on them [TRD]
    · Landlord tells landlords how not to write a Craigslist ad [Asheville Real Estate]
    · Florida's creepy billboard people invade Eighth Avenue [The Daily City]
    · Is Roosevelt Island feeling the sales pinch? And does it tickle? [RIslander]
    · A trip into the world of Tokyo's 'suicide discounts' [Thinking Blog]

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