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Wednesday AM Linkage



    · Despite Wall St. rally, still deep fear the NYC economy is screwed [NYT]
    · The end is near: construction workforce down to '97 levels [NYO]

    · Housing prices everywhere likely to continue to crash and burn [WSJ] · Killer golf balls in Westchester, Hole 6 fingered as culprit [NYT]
    · NBC wanted Lehman Bros. space but taking Broadway digs instead [NYP]
    · Properties in Queens & Brooklyn sell for $16M [Globe St.]
    · Astoria smells like crap & it ain't the architecture [Queens Crap]
    · Would you go to a place called 'Sham Appliance Repair'? [NYShitty]
    · For a morning smile, read about these Carroll Gardens old timers [GL]
    · Brooklynites very ticked off about 'pirates' that run local hospital [PMFA]

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