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Friday AM Linkage



    · Believe it or not, some people don't believe new WTC timetable [NYT]
    · And, now, possible lawsuits on E. Village/LES rezoning [Villager]

    · Intrepid is almost ready for New Yorkers not to visit again [NYP] · Majority supports third Bloomberg termand term limits [CityRoom]
    · Memories: How about some pics of Flushing in the '70s? [Queens Crap]
    · NY'ers looking overseas: Dubai and Mumbai are the new Williamsburg [amNY]
    · In case anyone wants to discover Brooklyn, here's a guide [NYT]
    · Brooklyn judges find excellent parking solution on public plaza [NYDN]
    · Does Bronx blogging lead to gentrification? [Boogiedowner]

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