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Tuesday AM Linkage



    · Wall Street Meltdown could cost city $3.5B in revenue, 40,000 jobs [AP/Sun]
    · Amidst the meltdown & gloom, there are still leasing deals being done [NYP]

    · Preservationist Margot Gayle dies at the age of 100 [NYT] · Bed bugs are really good news to one sector in NYC [Sun]
    · Austin St. vs. Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills [NYDN]
    · At Shea, on the day after, people scavenge & get nostalgic [NYT]
    · People in Bronx ticked off about 'predatory' parking tickets [NYDN]
    · In Bed-Stuy they're seriously chaining grocery carts to poles [Bed-Stuy Blog]
    · Meanwhile, in Gowanus, detailing the cab by the water [PMFA]

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