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Thursday PM Linkage



    · Some real estate heavyweights weigh in on effect of bailout plan [Real Deal]
    · Two rejected Starrett City bidders submit their bids anyway [Crain's]

    · City Room has update on Roosevelt Island's potential FDR memorial [City Room] · Roosevelt Islander rips City Room's update on potential FDR memorial [RI]
    · Shea Stadium's urinals will live on in city's parks [NYDN]
    · Yves' push to attract flagship retail tenant yields...a bank [VNY]
    · Interns putting in more effort in Long Island City than in NJ [Restless]
    · How the mighty have fallen: Miami developer opens shop in NYC [Real Deal]
    · Madison Avenue's (near Shake Shack) new boutique hotel: The Wolf [HC]

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