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Chefs Dish On Tirades



    Chefs Dish On Tirades
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    Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal observes chefs preparing a meal.

    Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant (or watched any amount of reality television) knows that tempers get hot in the kitchen. But then there's always that old saw about what you can do if you can't take the heat. Metromix polled 12 well-known New York chefs, asking them when was the last time they let someone have it? Actually they put it a bit more indelicately, but you get the point.

    Christina Tosi at Momofuko Milk Bar says of her expletive laden rants at new kitchen workers, with what could only be termed mild understatement, “there’s no room for shyness.”

    Mike Price at Market Table is also not shy, and tells of hurling quart containers at a prep staffer who was measuring one cup 24 times. Leah Cohen a contestant on "Top Chef" Season 5 had the object of her berating threaten to talk smack about her on blogs, so she outed herself on Metromix actually sort of bragging about the names she called him, but she does say, "At one point I thought he was going to punch me in the face."

    Amanda Cohen says tongue lashings are just a part of kitchen life at Dirt Candy saying, "Either you get used to it, or you don’t work here."

    Zak Pelaccio of Fatty Crab evidently keeps his calm though. While most of the chefs, when asked the last time they blew say something along the lines of yesterday, Pelaccio has to think back: "It was probably like 2004 or 2005." He also claims that he doesn't unload on cooks, but cops to throwing a slab of bacon at a front of house person.