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Yelp Releases "Snapshot" Feature, Entertainment Ensues



    Yelp Releases "Snapshot" Feature, Entertainment Ensues

    Perhaps coming to the realization that 1094 mostly-nonsensical reviews of Momofuku are, in fact, not useful, we hear via Eater SF that Yelp unveiled a shiny new feature to its restaurant listings last week. They are calling it a "review snapshot" and describe it as three oft-repeated phrases that the "Yelp Robots" have determined are "unique and good, quick ways to describe the business." On one hand, we applaud Yelp for at least trying to solve the (unsolvable?) problem of hundreds of reviews that no one reads anyway. At times, these snapshots do provide some useful info (i.e., signature dishes, reservation policies, etc.).

    But then on the other hand, there are still a few kinks to be worked out, and on that note, here are some of the more entertaining, completely useless snapshots. Send in your undiscovered favorites to or just add them in the comments.

    Porcao: green side, wrapped in bacon, salad bar
    Momofuku Ko: FOIE GRAS WITH RIESLING, yellow cake ice cream, deep fried short
    Sosa Borella: wine, atmosphere, well
    Pig 'n' Whistle: pot pie, music, bartenders
    Lever House: Service was also very, sirloin, Marc Newson

    Caracas Arepa Bar: shredded beef, black beans, sweet plantains and aged cheese, De Pabellon, shredded beef
    Lombardi's: crust, clam pie, coal oven
    Odeon: Bright Lights, Big City, tuna burger, steak
    Bond 45: Times Square, antipasti, old school
    Churrascaria Plataforma: salad bar, turkey wrapped in bacon, one side and red on the other

    How to decide amongst the city's fine dining establishments, and also in case you were wondering how creative Yelp reviews tend to be:

    Cafe Boulud: foie gras, melted in my mouth, glazed duck breast.
    Daniel: foie gras terrine, tasting menu, wine
    Veritas: foie gras, wine list, Scott Bryan
    L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon: foie gras, Pan-Sauted Amadai in a Yuzu Citrus Broth with Lily, crusty langostine papillote
    Le Cirque: foie gras, chocolate souffle, creme brulee
    Jean Georges: foie gras, amuse buche, tasting menu
    Cafe Boulud: foie gras, glazed duck breast, melted in my mouth
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