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Wine Coming to Supermarket Near You?



    Wine Coming to Supermarket Near You?
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    One item in Paterson's proposal could allow wine to be sold in grocery stores.

    Opposition is building against a planned proposal by Governor Paterson to allow the sale of wine in grocery stores, delis, or any place that carries beer. The move could generate up to $150 million in much-needed revenue over the next three years from the sale of wine licenses to retailers, claims the state. But liquor-store owners are afraid of losing their corner on the wine market, and a coalition of retailers has even been accused of harassing local wineries to petition against the bill, reports Newsday. Wineries have reason to worry, since bodega sales could favor mass-produced, or at least better-marketed, brands. Our suggestion: Let small, savvy wine shops curate a shelf at a big supermarket for a small cut. Shoppers get access to better wine, and the liquor store gets noticed by discerning customers.

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