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Why New Yorkers Are Fat



    Why New Yorkers Are Fat
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    Obesity has become an epidemic in New York and across the country.

    Courtesy of the New York State Health Commission

    To support Governor David Paterson's proposed 18 percent tax on sugar-sweetened drinks like soda, state health commissioner Dr. Richard F. Deines made a YouTube video explaining why kids are such little fatties these days.

    Turns out we each drink about eleven cans of soda a week, six more than we drank in 1975. About three of those sodas are sugar-sweetened, adding an extra thirteen pounds of sugar or 21,000 calories to our diet each year. And since most of us sit around all day, now everyone's fat.

    (Note: Upstate New York is late to the whole Diet Coke thing.) If we have to pay more for it, maybe we'll drink less soda. High point: when Dr. Daines reaches below the counter to pull out a six-pound piece of fat. He totally stole that bit from Susan Powter.

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