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Twofer: BBQ-Off & Chili Smackdown

Stop eating now. You'll need the room for this Saturday's double-header in Sheepshead Bay.



    Twofer: BBQ-Off & Chili Smackdown
    Get yourself to Sheepshead Bay as 20 'cue teams grill off.

    Twenty-odd teams will go head-to-head in the Grillin' On The Bay 2009 barbecue competition in Sheepshead Bay on Saturday, sponsored by RUB BBQ and Butternuts Beer and Ale.

    The event -- which organizers are quick to point out is New York City's ONLY officially sanctioned BBQ competition (the New England Barbecue Society bestows its blessing) -- will have four grilling categories: chicken breast, fish, pork and chef's choice. New York State 2008 champs (and Food Network darlings) Smoke in da Eye will be defending their title against such worthy adversaries as the Porkaholics, Josh Ozersky of Grub Street and the Feedbag, and original title-holders Purple Turtle Caterers.

    And because sampling a couple dozen varieties of meat might still leave you hungry, the cookoff will dovetail with the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown. Here, the rules are a little less stringent: Any kind of chili goes, or as the organizers put it, "if you call it chili, we call it chili." Anyone can compete, just bring your chili by around noon.

    The twin events will commandeer the corner of East 18th Street and Avenue Z, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Get all the details at the official website here.