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Good Humor for Grown-Ups

It's organic and unusual, with flavors like ginger and giandujia



    Good Humor for Grown-Ups
    Organic, gourmet ice cream dished up by Van Leeuwen.

    Children aren’t the only ones chasing after the ice cream truck these days.

    Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream has introduced their treat-on-the-go snack that has people over the age of 18 (and maybe some healthy youngsters) lining up for a frosty treat.

    Their flavors won't tickle the Good Humor fan’s fancy, but it does the trick for those who appreciate organic and local ingredient, which, of course includes hormone free dairy. Even the cones are organic. With unusual flavors such as Red Currant, Giandujia, and Ginger among other flavors, you can be sure the kids will stay away from your territory.

    The go-green trend is definitely part of their motto, as all of their containers are made from 100% renewable resources.

    The truck resides at Green and Prince Street from 12pm-7pm and moves to University and East 12th from 8pm-11pm. Scoops can be found at different restaurants throughout the city.  A new truck is opening in the East Village, as well.