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Tacos, Tacos Everywhere

Where to stuff your face with masa-wrapped, cilantro-topped deliciousness on Cinco de Mayo



    Tacos, Tacos Everywhere
    Tacos citywide, just waiting to be gobbled.

    Tacos, Tacos Everywhere What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Cinco de Mayo? Okay, fair enough. What's the second thing that comes to mind? Tacos! There was a time (not even that long ago) when transplants from cities like L.A. got weepy over the dearth of good tacos in NYC, but those days are largely gone, thanks to 1) a recent flood of upscale taquerias, and 2) people ferreting out the autentico cooks who've been feeding folks out of trucks and backs of delis for years. Here are some places to point yourself tonight for pure taco satisfaction:

    Some of these were suggested by Serious Eats, where they have plenty more taco recommendations (including tongue and goat belly, which is where the "serious" part kicks in).