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TONY Honors Chang, Little Guys at Eat Out Awards

As for the ceremony itself, it's a hell of a lot shorter and more fun than the JBA



    TONY Honors Chang, Little Guys at Eat Out Awards


    Last night, Time Out New York held their annual Eat Out Awards at a somewhat drunken and burlesque-studded show at Le Poisson Rouge in the Village. The People's Choice to James Beards' Oscar, what these awards lack in prestige and excellent food, they make up for in egalitarian (though admittedly local) representation, more hooting, hollering, and the general screaming of chefs names (Ryan Skeen's fans were particularly vocal), and an appreciation of the little guy. Yes, practically every new restaurant got a plate. As for the ceremony itself, it's a hell of a lot shorter and more fun than the JBA—a favorite PR rep was hit by frosting during the burlesque bit.

    We're publishing the full list of winners below, but first, quick notables: Chang Enterprises won best new restaurant (Momo' Ko) and Best new Bakery (Milk Bar), April Bloomfield won for the Dory, and we're happy to say JGV's Matsugen trumped the perennially packed Ippudo. The pizza and coffee votes were split with the editors going for Motorino and Abraco, the readers going for Artichoke and Cafe Grumpy. La Superior was robbed on all fronts.

    And now, without further ado...

    Critics' picks
    Best chef without boundaries: Susur Lee
    Best place to cultivate a beer belly: Beer Table
    Best justification for the ramen craze: Ippudo NY
    Best sweet revenge: Bespoke Chocolates
    Best bad boy turned good: Paul Liebrandt
    Best New Mexican: Cabrito
    Most seductive use of carbs: Convivio
    Best new artisan pie: Motorino
    Most welcome gentrifier: James
    Best Case against the cupcake backlash: Sweet Revenge
    Best unlikely marriage: No. 7
    Best ticket to Italy: Salumeria Rosi
    Best Japanese speakeasy: Kyo Yo
    Best Reason to delcare your love for barbecue and bourbon: Char No. 4
    Best nouveau chophouse: Walter Foods
    Best crowd pleaser: West Branch
    Best cult coffee: Abraco
    Best new sushi joint: Sushi Azabu
    Most inventive use of drug paraphernalia: Desnuda
    Best comeback of a vanishing trade: Marlow & Daughters
    Best reason to eat tongue: Txikito
    Best new dumplings: Eton
    Best bar for a gin blossom: Sycamore
    Best dining on a budget: Simon Sips
    Best new bahn mi: Baoguette

    Reades' Choice
    Best return of a New York institution: The Oak Room
    Best new pizza: Artichoke Basille
    Best shrine to swine: Porchetta
    Best new neighborhood joint: Brooklyn: The General Greene
    Best new neighborhood joint: Manhattan: JoeDoe
    Best new hand at seafood: April Bloomfield of the John Dory
    Best new ice cream: Blue Marble
    Best new restaurant with a one-track mind: Socarrat Paella Bar
    Best new bakery: Momofuku Milk Bar
    Best return of fusion: Double Crown
    Best new reason to court a cavity: La Maison du Chocolat
    Best new burger: 5 Napkin Burger
    Best new out-of-town import: Missy Robbins of A Voce
    Best cup of coffee: Café Grumpy
    Best new wine bar: Terroir
    Best vegetarian-friendly restaurant: Blossom
    Best new excuse to brush up on your Spanish: Yerba Buena
    Best addition to an underserved 'hood: Vinegar Hill House
    Best changing of the guard: Carmen Qualiata, Union Square Cafe
    Best new cocktail lounge: Clover Club
    Best new Japanese restaurant: Matsugen
    Best new Italian: Scarpetta
    Best new bar: The Rusty Knot
    Best new Brooklyn restaurant: Buttermilk Channel
    Best new restaurant: Momofuku Ko

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