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Okay, Fine, We’ll Tell You



    Okay, Fine, We’ll Tell You

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    The Observer outs Todd English as the smokin' chef who hosted a ciggie soiree at his new place, the Libertine, last night. Jason Pomeranc says of the lush lounge’s opening at his Gild Hall, near Wall Street: “It is our duty as hoteliers and restaurateurs to provide the inns and watering holes where people can celebrate their victories and mourn their losses.” We’ll smoke to that! Guest of a Guest has photos, and here, for the heck of it, is what was served off the menu last night before English, Pomeranc, et al took the party upstairs to a penthouse suite.

    Truffled beef tartare

    The Libertine burger

    Lobster caviar sliders

    Macaroni and cheese

    NY bene

    Fish 'n' chips

    Everything spiced fries

    Truffled popcorn

    Ginger date pudding

    Double chocolate cupcakes

    Todd English Cracks the Whip at Libertine [NYO]