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Midtown Lobster Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy

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    Midtown Lobster Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy
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    The remains of a lunch of wine and grilled lobster is but a memory for many in Midtown.

    Get your morning scoop on a Lobster's last stand, bamboo baseball uniforms, a "pimp" Google car, and the story behind the BBQ in today's local blog round-up.

    • I guess this shouldn't really be a surprise. City Lobster & Steak, the midtown restaurant that sold semi-expensive lunches to business persons, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week. That 8oz Lobster tail, while delicious, is just out of the corporate accounts' budgets these days. [Crains]
    • A Google-loving employee, fan, or name-squatter parked their Gmail-plated Mercedes in Fort Greene the other day, leading a design blog to deem it "The pimpest car on the Internet today." [The World's Best Ever]
    • Lost City takes a look at an abandoned Bar-B-Cue joint at 228 W. Houston Street, and in the process reintroduces the now deceased eccentric former owner, a man who used to drive around blasting disco from his Volkswagen Thing. [Lost City]

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