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Mario Batali + Jimmy Fallon + Lots of Pizza

The beCroc'ed chef and the would-be king of late night did a crawl of new pizza joints. Which pies reigned supreme?



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    Mario Batali is joined by Jimmy Fallon and a small entourage as he tours NYC's notable new pizza joints.

    Because you haven't seen enough of Mario Batali and Jimmy Fallon lately, New York Magazine sent the unlikely duo on a crawl of new NYC pizzerias (your San Marzanos, your Co.s). Check out the tour for a thorough blow-by-blow of new pies on the market, viddy some excellent pie gastroporn (the Spunto's shot has us wondering how bad it would be if we blew off the rest of the day and just spent it face-down in their 'meatball classic'). And as a garnish, tolerate enjoy asides from Fallon like "I think they use a blow dryer on the cheese."