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Listage: Special Shake Shack Mania Edition



    Inspiring Stories of Hope

    Shake Shack UWS has been officially open for two days (unofficially, five). The people—oh the burger-starved people—they've been weighing in with first hand accounts in record numbers:

    · 10/17: Photo Gallery: Shake Shack UWS Soft Opening Friday Night [AHT]
    · 10/18: Shake Shack Upper West: Open for bid-ness [Dessert Buzz]
    · 10/19: The First Customer at Shake Shack UWS? Me! [WBttD]
    · 10/19: Shack Burger As Good as Ever [Food in Mouth]
    · 10/19: Shake Shack MSP Versus Shake Shack UWS (A First Look) [Eats]
    · 10/20: Let the Frozen Fries Start Flowin' in My 'Hood [SE]
    · 10/20: Shake Shack UWS Organized Chaos [Mona's Apple]
    · 10/20: Chipper and Efficient; Not Particularly Innovative or Exciting [Ideapad]
    · 10/21: Whoa Look: There's a Shake Shack on the UWS [Mouthfuls]
    · 10/21: Doesn't Do it For Me, But People will Love This [Yelp]

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