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Katie Lee Joel Parlays Burger Bash Win



    Katie Lee Joel Parlays Burger Bash Win
    Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images
    Katie Lee Joel will fatten you up good.

    In the wild and unsubstantiated rumors-that-are-probably-true dept. comes this: Katie Lee Joel (The Piano Man's missus) is planning on opening her own restaurant. Feedbag has the scoop on the new meat-centric possibly burger joint headed for the Financial District. Hopefully it will be economically priced.

    Joel's previous restaurant experience is basically working as a hostess at a Sag Harbor seafood place one summer (where, in fact, she made the acquaintance of Billy the no-longer Kid). She does, however, have a couple of cookbooks to her name, and shocked the world when her burger, "The Logan County," took top burger honors at the New York City Wine and Food festival last year, then endured attacks from pedantic foodies that her burger was not a burger.

    This won't be any "bottle of red, bottle of white" sort of place. Early word is that the menu will focus on the cuisine Katie grew up on in West Virgina (not the Cheese Doodles, the grilled meat and deep-fried goodness) and may even carry the name of her Burger Bash entry: Logan County. The titular patty melt burger is sure to be a menu highlight.