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Jean-Georges Leaves His Waiters a $1.75 Million Tip



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    Maybe he’s feeling magnanimous after being named one of Us Weekly’s most stylish New Yorkers? Jean-Georges Vongerichten still denies any wrongdoing, but he has agreed to pay $1.75 million to waiters who claimed that his managers were skimming tips. A whopping $583,000 of that will go to the lawyers. The folks at PX This (no fans of Vongo’s director of operations, Lois Freedman) are already atwitter about this, and one of them assures: “There is a new group being formed that is about to present to the industry a new formula for success that will change the way things are done. And the winners will not include the attorneys.” Stay tuned.

    Chef settles New York suit over tips for $1.75 million [Reuters]