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How Provocative: Firming Up the Meatpacking

New club knows what women want



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    While the Meatpacking District has yet to become the complete freakshow that was the West 20s, the newest club to arrive on the scene, Provocateur, indicates that it won't take much longer.

    And just when you thought the recession had put an end to clubs that serve overpriced cocktails to bankers and girls from New Jersey.

    Provocateur, run by partners Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter of the shuttered Stereo, is, according to Grub Street, in its soft-opening phase. The club, located in the Gansevoort Hotel, aspires to "cater to woman's every desire."

    The paper lanterns of former-inhabitant Ono have been replaced by black lace walls and the $22 cocktails appeal to women's vanity by trying to convince them that they will do more than just taste good and get them drunk.

    Each "firming" champagne cocktail, for example, contains "borba firming crystalline," a creation of Scott-Vincent Borba, of Borba skincare products. Meanwhile the Huckleberry Ginger is a "clarifying" vodka concoction "designed to help detoxify" while at the same time, intoxicating you. Surely, not even women from New Jersey will fall for that one.

    The food comes from Jeffrey Chodorow's Tanuki Tavern, his Japanese-themed restaurant next door, and include standard American sushi items like the California roll and the Surf & Turf: poached Maine lobster wrapped in beef carpaccio.

    As for decor, Urban Daddy reports that a giant pair or angel wings makes the space feel like a "sinister version of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show afterparty."

    For now, the club is invitation-only, but supposedly by New Years the doors will be flying open.