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Fat Hippo Brings Burger Fondue to the LES



    Fat Hippo Brings Burger Fondue to the LES

    Fat Hippo, a new restaurant co-helmed by chef Ten Vong (whose "sum" includes stints at Yumcha, Barmarch -- and Bread), is trying to open at 71 Clinton Street --Wylie Dufresne's former spot -- as early as next week.

    The restaurant has already held some private events, Vong told Grub today, and hopes to open on February 13 -- in time for Fashion Week.

    The American-food menu is already posted outside the restaurant (and reproduced after the jump), and highlights include burger fondue -- sliders served with bacon bits, pickles, and a fondue dipping sauce -- and chili-and-chocolate-glazed spare ribs served with a radish-and-watermelon slaw.


    Grapefruit and Feta Salad, $5
    Mixed field greens, olives, spiced pecans and burnt honey vinaigrette

    Pan Fried Mozzarella Balls, $6
    Herb roasted tomatoes and baby arugula

    Beet and Olive Tart, $7
    Crumbled goat cheese and beet jam

    Hot and Sour Sauteed Calamari, $6
    Ginger chilies, garlic lime, baby celery and crushed peanuts

    House Cured Salmon, $7
    Apple-fennel salad and potato latkes

    Chili & Chocolate Glazed Spare Ribs, $8
    Pickled watermelon and radish slaw

    Shrimp Ceviche, $9
    Shrimp, cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno, and avocado

    Fat Hippo Burger or Veggie Burger, $8
    Homemade rosemary bun, lettuce, tomato, and French fries

    Duck Chicken, $11
    Smoked duck breast, roast duck meat, pickle mustard greens, coconut-lime mustard and yucca chips

    Burger Fondue, $10
    Mini burger sliders, cheese fondue sauce, bacon bits, pickles and French fries

    Authentic Maryland Crab Cake, $14
    Mac n' cheese, corn succotash and roasted garlic caper sauce

    Free Range Turkey Meatloaf, $12
    Tamarind ketchup, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole

    Trailer Park Chicken Sampler, $15
    Beer can roasted chicken breast, southern fried drumstick, smoked thigh meat, sauteed collard greens, raisin sauce and corn bread

    Grilled Marinated Pork Chop, $13
    Pulled pork stuffing, bacon, sauteed brussels sprouts and maple-jalapeno mustard sauce

    Steak and Eggs, $15
    Pan roasted hanger steak, green tomato gratin and egg toast

    Collard greens, $3
    Brussels sprouts, $4
    Mashed potatoes, $3
    French fries, $3
    Green been casserole, $3
    Pulled pork stuffing, $3
    Mac n’ cheese, $4
    Corn Bread, $2


    Fat Hippo; 71 Clinton St., nr. Rivington

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