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Eating Restaurant Week: Megu

What to eat during Summer Restaurant Week at this magnificent, ultra high-end Japanese Tribeca table.



    Eating Restaurant Week: Megu
    Courtesy of Megu
    Sample Megu's magic for a fraction of its usual prices during Restaurant Week.

    Summer Restaurant Week is on! Through July 31, out of the 250+ eateries participating, we bring you a crib sheet to our favorites.

    62 Thomas Street near West Broadway; 212-964-7777;

    Why: Because on a regular day, you can drop $180 on a single portion of beef (Kobe, natch) at this astronomically priced but utterly phenomenal American outpost of the Japanese restaurants.

    What to order off the RW menu: Try the “chef’s choice” negiri and half roll to get a sense of Megu’s delicate way with sushi. To follow, you could stay surf-side with grilled silver cod saikyo miso with parsley sauce, or sample some of that fabled Kobe beef, in a “premium” (isn’t everything?) Washugyo steak served with platinum (kind of another word for “premium”) rice. Dessert is chef’s choice – but this is one of the best restaurants anywhere to leave your palate in the kitchen’s ever-capable hands. (See the full menu – which is available at dinner only -- here.)

    During Restaurant Week, lunch at participating establishments is $24.07, dinner $35.00. Reserve early.

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