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Chefs' Weight Loss Challenge



    Chefs' Weight Loss Challenge
    Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
    Mario Batali and mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim are not a part of the challenge.

    It's inevitable. Chefs put on weight. With rare exceptions, and those who run vegan kitchens, it just comes with the territory. So while biking from New York to Boston is some people's idea of a charity challenge, for chefs it's dropping a few pounds.

    Anita Lo, Michael Lomonaco (who runs steak place Porter House, where he put on a few), and pastry chef Jacques Torres (he's a chocolatier for god's sake) are among the chefs who took on a six-week weight loss challenge to raise money to fight childhood hunger. The chefs earn money for the cause for every pound they drop, sponsored by Weight Watchers, with the results being announced at the Wine and Food Festival this Weekend.

    It's the perfect intersection of cause and activity. Just imagine how much Mario Batali could make.