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Building a Better Burger, or Hipper Hype?



    Building a Better Burger, or Hipper Hype?
    Wined & Dined
    First look at Bill's burger?

    Bill's Bar and Burger, which Steve Hanson is opening this month in the old Hog Pit Space and above 675 Bar in the Meatpacking District, seems to be crowdsourcing its burger to a degree. The soon-to-open burger joint's Twitter feed asks followers to offer up suggestions on toppings and cheeses.

    Yesterday Wined & Dined picked up on a tweet about Bill's Burger photo shoot, and got a hold of what it says might be Bill's prototype. And if it is there is plenty of room for toppings and cheese, with two patties, and oversize English muffin bun and grilled onions. You can bet that this will end up being one of a few burger options Bill's will offer. 

    While burgers have long been subject to this level of scrutinization, they are now fighting it out with fried chicken, though early 'leaked' news has been limited to location, such as the news that Hill Country would be doing some deep frying soon. There is not yet panting over fried chicken porn on the level that there is for the pics of burgers that get patty-lovers hearts pounding. But just wait.