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Bar Bites: JoeDoe

Three words to remember when you belly up to the bar at this homey 1st Street joint: Pickled. Duck. Eggs.



    Bar Bites: JoeDoe
    JoeDoe on 1st Street.

    JoeDoe ("aggressive American" cuisine), 45 East 1st Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues), (212) 780-0262.

    Bar menu standouts: Fried cheese curds, pickled duck eggs, lentil falafels. There's also a daily bar special wildcard. Nice.

    They'll run you: $5 each ($8 with a drink)

    Washed down with: A Thai Sunset. Siembra Azul tequila, coconut milk, fresh lime and sriracha sauce -- it's not just for pho anymore.

    Tip: If there's a wait to eat at Prune across the street (and really, when is there not?), this is a dandy way to bide your time.

    Check out the full menu at Grub Street.