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8/14-15: Times Square Kiss-In, Pie in the Park…

...swim in a dumpster (part of Summer Streets!) + more



    8/14-15: Times Square Kiss-In, Pie in the Park…
    Time for breath mints: the Times Square Kiss-In goes down Saturday.

    PUCKER UP: You don’t need to be in a sailor suit or forties garb to participate in the annual Times Square Kiss-In – the smooch flash mob that recreates Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic snapshot V–J day in Times Square – but then again, why phone it in? The event kicks off Saturday at 11AM (register here). Bring Altoids

    DISHY: So you’re known for your pie-baking prowess: Smash the competition at Park Slope’s Fourth Annual Pie in the Park. Or, if your talents lie more in the eating of pie (that’d be us), hit this event to taste pies aplenty and play foodie judge for a day. Proceeds go towards upgrading the ovens at SCRATCHbread, a.k.a. widening your waistline even further. Sunday; 1PM for contestants, 2PM for tasting. 

    TAKE IT TO THE STREETS: If only every day was a Summer Streets Saturday:For the second week in a row (out of three total), nearly seven miles of ordinarily auto-choked asphalt will be closed to cars, drawing pedestrians out to stroll in the sunshine. And participate in fun like dumpster swimming with MacroSea, and Joyride, a musical group cycling party. Saturday, 7AM-1PM.

    RULE OF THREE: Or, let’s face it, you could just go see Eat Pray Love and fantasize about eating therapeutic pizza in Naples and frolicking with Javier Bardem in Bali. Head here for showtimes.

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