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3/23: Suckling Pig Happy Hour, Regina Spektor…

…and the funniest comedian you've never heard of



    3/23: Suckling Pig Happy Hour, Regina Spektor…
    candice and jarrett/Flickr Creative Commons 2.0
    Suckling pig happy hour kicks off at 6PM at Marc Forgione.

    SUCCULENT: Here are your four new favorite words: “suckling pig happy hour.” Don’t thank us, thank Marc Forgione. His namesake Tribeca restaurant runs a $16 all-you-can-wolf special every Tuesday night involving a suckling pig station and bread for sliders. Also? They just added all-you-can-quaff Brooklyn Lager for $13.6-9PM.

    GOOD MUSIC, GOOD DEED: Indie darling Regina Spektor is not only our very favorite quirky half-Russian Brooklynite pianist-vocalist, but a generous one to boot: She’s playing a show tonight at the Fillmore, in support of her latest album “Far,” with ticket sales benefiting the Doctors Without Borders Emergency Fund. 9PM. 

    DARK: By day, Morgan Murphy is a writer for “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” By night, she actually gets to take her claws out – she may look a little like Carrot Top with her orbit of reddish curls, but the comedy comparison ends there. Genius wit + lethargic stoner delivery = we want to see more of her. (Check out her “babies having babies would make the cutest babies” routine.) Catch her at Stand-Up NY at 8:30PM.

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