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    New Plywood Covers Former Busy Chef/Blue Pig Space [Flickr Photo Pool/bakersfield]

    · Joey Chestnut Wins Pizza Eating Contest, Breaks Record [NYDN]
    · Merkato 55 Using Google Ads, Poorly [Savory Tidbits]
    · Food Poisoning: How Many Strikes Does it Take to Say You'll "Never Go Back?" [SE]
    · Rubyfruit Saved by Prominent Lesbian [NYT]
    · Pizzeria Owners Deal with the Effects of a Tanking Economy [NYP]
    · Is It Ever OK Not to Tip? [Consumerist]
    · Waiter Rant Author to Appear on Oprah [Waiter Rant]
    · Upcoming Memoir About NY Restaurateur Pino Luongo [NYP]
    · Armed Rest-a-Robbers Hold up Restaurants, Liquor Stores [NYP]
    · Kielbasa Cocaine at Local Butcher Shop? [NYDN]
    · Fire at Rocky Sullivan’s [GL]
    · Hawaiian Tropic Zone Ex-Boss Denies Allegations, Slams Accusers [NYDN]
    · Group Either Slipped Roofies or Given Some Potent Sixpoint at Black Rabbit [NYShitty]

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