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11/30: Cook Hanukkah Treats, Taste Tequila, See “Grapes”

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    11/30: Cook Hanukkah Treats, Taste Tequila, See “Grapes”
    sweetbeetandgreenbean/Flickr Creative Commons

    LATKE LOVE: The season of eating is upon us. Lynn Kutner, whose cookbooks include Bountiful Bread: Basics to Brioches, will be leading a class at the WholeFoodsCulinaryCenter on the Bowery focusing strictly on expanding your knowledge of recipes for the Hanukkah table, making sure you don’t miss a single calorie. Before the holiday’s first night, you’ll be versed in potato-zucchini latkes and airy Israeli sufganiot, doughnuts filled with custard cream. 6PM. 

    GO WEST: Decidedly the worst of times test even the most even-keeled in the Dust Bowl epic The Grapes of Wrath, as Henry Fonda and the rest of the Joad clan load up their creaking jalopy in search of jobs and a future. It’s the 70th anniversary of John Ford’s Oscar-winning adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel, currently in a one-week engagement at Film Forum in a new 35mm print. Schedule varies. 

    SALUD: If your holiday hangover has subsided, head to La Biblioteca de Tequila—known for stocking some 400 varieties of the bracing booze—after work, when reps from the Mexican distillery Don Julio will be on hand to give you some history about the celebrated brand and a short, sweet, and very tasty crash course in telling your tequilas apart. 5PM.  

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