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10/14: Pasta a Casa, Buffy Ste.-Marie, I Love NY Beer Week



    Safety Tips for Winter Weekend Warriors
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    D.I.Y. at Pasta a Casa.

    FATTO A MANO: Never resort to a box of brittle bowties again: At Pasta a Casa, venerated pasta-making teacher Mark Bello (Murray’s Cheese, the Astor Center and more) gives you the lowdown on making gorgeous silky pasta from scratch (hint: it’s not that hard—just messy). After you nail the dough, pick up recipes like the autumn-y (and classic) pumpkin papardelle with brown butter and sage. Pizza a Casa (L.E.S.), 6:30PM.   

    LEGEND: It’s been half a century since Buffy Sainte-Marie crashed the public consciousness with Little Wheel Spin & Spin. Experience the Native American singer-songwriter-activist (and Academy Award winner! And Sesame Street regular!) in the cozy setting of Joe’s Pub. 9:30PM. 

    SUDS FOR YOU: In case the NY Craft Beer Week didn’t quite quench your thirst for all things sudsavore (yeah, we just made that up—what?), head to Spring Lounge as they celebrate I Love NY Beer Week with a full lineup of local brews. Tonight, schmooze with folks from the much-loved Brooklyn Brewery, as you swig their wares and nibble on complimentary paired bites. 5-9PM.  


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