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Ungaro Hired LiLo Mostly Because of Tim Gunn and Project Runway



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    When we asked Tim Gunn during Fashion Week to spout off on Emanuel Ungaro's latest hire, artistic adviser Lindsay Lohan, he wanted to refrain from comment, but couldn't. "It’s got to be a publicity stunt!” he said. “Or a crack-smoking board of directors?” However, Lindsay Lohan was the first guest judge on the sixth season of Project Runway, currently airing on Lifetime, and for that gig, Gunn sang her praises.

    “I was surprised and pleased by how extremely knowledgeable about fashion and articulate Lindsay Lohan was,” he said. “She’s very young and can be portrayed in ways that aren’t altogether flattering, and she was a true statesperson and really weighed in on the designers and what they were doing exceptionally well. And it was really a thrill to have her.”

    Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige tells Fashion Wire Daily he chose Lindsay in large part because of Tim Gunn's vote of confidence.

    "His comments that she had a great sense of fashion and knew what works and doesn’t work, were pretty significant to me ... This was authentic, not the paparazzi press all talking about her car accidents, or the drug things," added Moufarrige. "To be complimented by someone like Tim Gunn was very impressive."

    Moufarrige also revealed he fired Esteban Cortazar because he refused to work with a celebrity. According to Moufarrige, when Cortazar signed, "it was clear he would have to work with a celebrity artistic adviser" with whom he would walk the runway at Ungaro fashion shows. Moufarrige added that ultimately Cortazar was fired because he refused to work with Paris Hilton and later Lizzie Jagger. So expect Lindsay to walk the runway with Ungaro's new head designer, Estrella Archs, on Sunday at the house's spring 2010 show in Paris.

    But the nice things Gunn said about Lindsay — which clearly have nothing to do with him not having a choice in saying nice things about her so as not to devalue his show — weren't the only reason Moufarrige knew Lohan was right for the part — er, job. When he visited her in L.A., she had clothes everywhere!

    “Lindsay already had an Ungaro coat at the age of 13," said Moufarrige. "Her own mother used to wear Ungaro. You could not sit on a settee or chair in her place. Her home was full of brands. You had to sit on the floor!”

    Imagine how that decision went in Lindsay's mind. Who gets the ottoman — Ungaro CEO or leggings ... Ungaro CEO or leggings ... Ungaro CEO or leggings ... hmmm ... leggings, duh. Life is so unfair. We've had clothes strewn about our living quarters our entire lives and no businessman ever came in, thought that was awesome, and offered us a huge fashion contract.

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