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Lindsay Lohan’s Fornarina Campaign ... Um, No



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    Lindsay Lohan's new campaign is out, but it's not exactly what we expected.

    Finally, Lindsay Lohan's spring ads for Italian lifestyle brand Fornarina are out.

    We learned that Lohan landed the campaign back in May and confess that this isn't exactly what we had in mind. It's more, how should we say, going to a debauched costume party as Dorothy on the Fourth of July than we expected. Lohan looks fabulous, but the clothes just aren't her style.

    Say what you will about her leggings line -- and we've said plenty -- but we prefer her in her 6126 ads. You know, a little more vamp, a little less tart. See more photos after the jump.

    Photo: Courtesy of Fornarina

    Fab Ad: Lindsay Lohan For Fornarina Spring/Summer '09 [Fab Sugar]

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