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Anna Wintour vs. Morley Safer on "60 Minutes"



    Anna Wintour vs. Morley Safer on "60 Minutes"
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    Editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour versus "60 Minutes."

    For those of you who missed Anna Wintour's big special on "60 Minutes" last night, here's a little recap of the most news-worthy items.

    1. She's 59!

    2. She's steering the September issue towards "value": In a staff meeting, she emphasized that Vogue not lose its fantasy element, but at the same time must appear "grounded."

    3. Conde Nast apparently foots the bill for her makeup and hair on a daily basis, and she's rumored to have a $200,000 yearly clothing budget. (Hello, can't we get a fact check on that, people? This is "60 Minutes"!)

    4. No way is she leaving Vogue any time soon. She dismissed the rumors entirely, saying such a move would be "irresponsible."

    5. What bores Anna? "Mediocrity." (Snap!)

    The reaction in the blogosphere to her more or less candid interview was, of course, overwhelmingly supportive—she is, after all, the best ice queen of fashion and that deserves no small amount of respect. And I think we're all tired of references to The Devil Wears Prada at this point, Mr. Safer, thank you very much. Though we were surprised how many times you and Ms. Wintour were able to say the word "bitch" in a room together! (As were others.)

    As for her notorious coldness, the most revealing moment was probably when Safer acknowledged he'd known Wintour's father, the editor of The Evening Standard, who was known to have a similarly "chilly" disposition. Wintour seems thrown only for a moment, then staunchly defends him, insisting he then created something magnificent out of that iciness. Even Andre Leon Tally couldn't resist commenting on her famous cool disposition, describing her as "a doctor ... giving a surgical analysis. And some of us can't cope with that, we need to be loved!"

    The best part of the whole documentary, however, was Morley Safer's amazing side-commentary throughout the special. The very serious fans were, of course, horribly peeved but his snarky remarks, but we thought they were absolutely hilarious. In watching Wintour at work, Safer remarked, "She has a look that says, "I'm the boss, and you're boring." Or when Alexander Wang showed Wintour a new piece that will retail for $1200 and Wintour described as "reasonable," Safer added: "Reasonable perhaps if you have a $200,000 clothing budget." (Ba-zing!)

    Our favorite aside was probably during the interview with John Galliano—the Dior designer "who some might think needs a better tailor"—and Bernald Arnault—who owns the House of Dior, and "who has a better tailor." Oh Morley, you crack us up. We understood that all this was Safer's attempt to put a "real world" spin on the fashion universe (and, in all seriousness, don't we all need that kind of reality check now and again?).

    We'll agree, however, that his take on Fashion Week seemed a bit cutting: "Models who seem as angry as they are emaciated, wearing clothes fit for a cadaver. And shoes that make stilettos seem sensible!" Aw, c'mon Morley. You had fun. We saw you sitting next to Anna on the runway! We know you liked it!