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Your Best $20: NYC Air Guitar Regional

For those about to mock rock, we salute you.



    Your Best $20: NYC Air Guitar Regional
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    Hot Lixx Hulahan, winner of the 2008 World Air Guitar Championships, will be in attendance at tonight's air guitar regional.

    You think air guitar is a trifling pastime made for scrawny teens thrashing about before a mirror in their parents' basement? You would be sorely mistaken -- and the mock-rock gods onstage at Bowery Ballroom tonight will demonstrate just how much.

    Everyone performing in the NYC Regional (we have soft spots for local favorites C-Diddy and Hot Lixx Hulahan, World Champ '08) is gunning for a spot in the Nationals later this summer -- and beyond that? The big time: The World Air Guitar Championships in August. Because right now, somewhere in Marseilles and Hamburg and Queensland, contestants are powering up their picks to air-rock for your love. Best of luck and solemn devil horns to you, air-guitarists of New York City -- and the world.

    U.S. Air Guitar Championships: NYC Regional
    Thurs. 5/28 8PM
    Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey Street at the Bowery, (212) 533-2111
    $16 advance, $18 doors
    More Info: Website