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What You're Doing Tonight, 6/22

Tony Blair talks philanthropy, Chuck Klosterman reads from his novel, and women mine motherhood for comedy



    What You're Doing Tonight, 6/22
    Comedienne-moms tackle the "joys" of childbirth in "Leche."

    STROLLER DERBY: Forget all the rainbows and ponies business surrounding childbirth -- it sucks for almost 10 months, then it hurts like hell, and the big prize is you get to go home and not sleep for about a year. No wonder new moms have a special no-holds-barred view of the world. And, as a group of moms will demonstrate at tonight's childbirth-themed "Leche" at the Magnet Theater, that view can be acerbically funny. 8:30PM.

    BLAIR PITCH: Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy each owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Blair, whether they realize it or not: He was the first world leader with a truly 21st-century sensibility. As part of the 92nd Street Y's "Business of Giving" philanthropist-close-up series, the former P.M. will discuss his charitable organizations with Amercan Economist bureau chief Matthew Bishop. 6:15PM.

    TOWNIE: Chuck Klosterman's bread and butter is the pop culture think piece - he's happiest and most wry dismantling American institutions like cover bands and Saved by the Bell - but the small-town tale "Downtown Owl," just out in paperback, shows his deft hand with fiction. He reads and signs at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, 7PM.