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What You're Doing Tonight, 5/1

India.Arie live, the Poetry Brothel and the ethics of Soylent Green (spoiler: it's people)



    What You're Doing Tonight, 5/1
    Soultry singer India.Arie is at the Manhattan Center tonight.

    SMOOTH: She's collaborated with Stevie Wonder, won Grammys, and never quite explained that weird period in her name. Whatever. The velvet-throated India.Arie takes the stage at the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom at 7PM.

    TASTES LIKE CHICKEN: Soylent Green, in case you've missed the last 36 years of popular culture references, is people. It's people! So what better way to kick off a thoughtful philosophical discussion about the ethics of curbing massive overpopulation than with a screening of this (unintentionally) campy 1973 sci-horror classic starring Charlton Heston? New York Society for Ethical Culture, 7PM.

    ROSES ARE RED: At the sporadically-happening Poetry Brothel, roving 'poets' (some scantily-clad, some not) are on hand to give you private readings. If you're too shy to deal with slipping into a booth where some hotlet breathes Keats into your ear, there'll be plenty of (free) absinthe and rowdy 1930s live jazz to lubricate the situation. Papa B Studios, 9PM.