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What You're Doing Tonight, 5/6

A crash course in starting your own business (yep, even now), faux-French psychedelic pop, and a culty Icelandic comedy that riffs on Paris Hilton



    What You're Doing Tonight, 5/6
    Trying to start a business? There's a seminar at the NYPL tonight ready to answer all your questions.

    CASH & CARRY: Hey, you know what right now is the perfect time for? Starting a business! But seriously: If you have a good idea and are squirming for venture capital, Lain Guiterrez is holding a seminar to teach you how to not let go of your dream so that you're poised to ride the upswing. (Plus, it's free!) Business Start-Up 101 at NYPL, Madison Avenue at 34th Street, 5:30PM.

    NO PANTS! The members of hyperkinetic pop group Les Sans Culottes are about as French as a Kellogg's Pop Tart, but that doesn't stop them from rocking out Gallic ditties like it's their birthright. And they put on a damn good show, too. Public Assembly, 11PM.

    PARIS VIA REYJAVIK: A ditzy socialite (hmm) is so lost when her richie rich bf lands in jail (for shady financial doings, of course), she gets a job at a bookstore, starts over and learns life lessons from lovable geeks. Astrópía is a satire, but then it's also from Iceland, home of Bjork, so pretty much anything could happen in this comedy. Scandinavia House, 6:30PM.