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What You're Doing Tonight, 5/5

Opting to eschew the Cinco de Mayo insanidad? Well played, Kemosabe. Here're some alternatives for your Tuesday eve



    What You're Doing Tonight, 5/5
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    Adele takes the stage at Roseland tonight.

    BABY LOVE: We've always been ambivalent about parenting, but we didn't know you could actually take a class. Sure enough, tonight at Union Hall the Adult Education Series presents Ambivalent Parenting 101; Ilana Star, Greg Allen and others will cover the finer points of kiddie products, pop culture, and what to do when you're tempted to spike the formula with Captain Morgan so you can SIT IN PEACE AND QUIET FOR FIVE MINUTES, ALREADY. 8PM.

    PIPES: The best thing about British white soul-belter Adele -- second only to her unstoppable pipes and emotion-drenched delivery -- is that we can all finally stop pretending Joss Stone has some sort of lock on the British white soul-belter category. Adele brings songs from her debut 19 to Roseland for a show with poppy band The Script. 8PM.

    GUAC THIS WAY: Okay, this one is actually Cinco-themed, but its awesomeness transcends the average sombreros-and-Cuervo tomfoolery. Bell House presents the Guactacular Invitational 2009, where chefs from local restaurants will prepare their own spin on the avocado-based staple for a chance at fame and fortune. Minus the fortune part. Also, you get to eat a whole lot of guacamole. 7PM.