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What You're Doing Tonight, 4/22

Turn back the clock with Nine to Five, all hail Herbie Hancock, and amp up your E.I. (ecological intelligence) on Earth Day



    What You're Doing Tonight, 4/22
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    What feminism looked like in 1980.

    INTELLIGENT LIFE: Author Daniel Goleman wants you to know everything you do and buy and are impacts the environment. Yes, even that cupcake you just ate. He'll be at the Rubin Museum talking about ways you can smarten up with his latest book Ecological Intelligence. 7PM.

    HERBIE, FULLY LOADED: Every so often a jazz musician comes along and changes the rules. Herbie Hancock is one of those. The Jazz Gallery tips its hat to the performer, composer, improviser, you name it, with a handful of rising jazz stars (Marcus Strickland, Robert Glasper) playing a loving Hancock tribute. 9, 10:30PM.

    YOUR COFFEE, MR. HART: Hey, know what today is? No, not Earth Day, silly (though yes, that is also today). It's Administrative Professionals Day! After picking up some tulips for your hard-working A.P. (so you don't get strung up in bondage gear like poor, sexist Dabney Coleman), head to the Chelsea Clearview for a special screening of "9 to 5," the ultimate secretary flick (that's what they called 'em in 1980, kids). 7PM.