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What You're Doing Tonight, 4/6

Pin-ups, political assassinations discussed, and pop from music's cutest husband-wife duo



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    The New York Pin-up Photography Meetup will offer plenty of eye candy.

    PAGING BETTIES: The New York Pin-up Photography Meetup is exactly what it sounds like: Lots of old school pin-uppy models (think Vargas girls, but with 2009 tattoos) will don their finest (by which we mean very little, and what there is will have lots of sequins) for a massive public photo shoot at Lucky Jack's on Orchard Street. Better bring extra camera batteries for this one. 7PM.

    FANNING THE FLAMES: Activists and historians discuss Clay Risen's book Nation on Fire: America in the Wake of the King Assassination, looking at how the country was pulled back from the brink of social chaos. McNally Jackson Booksellers, 7PM.

    MARRIEDS: Amazingly, the hubs and wife who make up the band Mates of State are five albums into their career and still 1) together and 2) making music. And their quirky pop sound is as addictive as ever. They'll be at Webster Hall with Black Kids and Sunbears! 7PM.