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What You're Doing Tonight, 4/20

Hear Lily Allen and Jeff Daniels sing (not together), and get helpful tips for avoiding cosmic disaster



    What You're Doing Tonight, 4/20
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    Lily Allen is at Roseland tonight.

    THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: It's hard to concentrate on the news that tabloid-embattled Brit popster Lily Allen will be headlining at Roseland tonight, plugging her new album It's Not Me, It's You. It's hard to concentrate because her opening act is a band called Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. 8PM.

    SKY'S THE LIMIT: Author Phil Plait hits the Museum of Natural History to share goodies from his chipper tome Death From the Skies! These Are the Ways the World Will End. We get nightmares easily, so we'll be skipping this one. 7:30PM.

    MOONLIGHTING: Jeff Daniels will perform his latest songs at City Winery ton-- wait, what? Jeff Daniels? Like, Jeff Daniels-from-Dumb and Dumber-Jeff Daniels? Well, yes. He writes songs, and he sings them. And apparently, he's quite wry. Huh. City Winery, 9PM.