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What You're Doing Tonight 12/29

Patti Smith, storytelling as an art form, and Ukranian gypsy punk



    What You're Doing Tonight 12/29
    Bowery Ballroom
    Patti Smith and her band are joined by Stephane Wrembel at Bowery Ballroom tonight.

    ICONIC: Patti Smith is a badass. Stephane Wrembel - who channels and updates Django Reinhardt all over town - is also a badass. They bring their badassery together at Bowery Ballroom tonight at 8PM.

    HEADS AND TALES: Everybody's got a story, and if you haven't yet been to one of the Moth's StorySLAM events - where the nonprofit outfit dedicated to the art of the tale gathers storytellers around a theme - make this your debut. The theme? Gifts. The Bitter End, 7:30PM.

    FRENZIED: They call it gypsy-punk, and it's kind of apt: How often do hear accordion music that makes you want to mosh? Gogol Bordello takes the stage at Webster Hall tonight with mustachioed Ukranian frontman Eugene Hutz doing what he does best: Getting you, the bored New York concertgoer, on your feet and sweaty. 8PM.