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What You're Doing Tonight 12/19

The Boat Show docks at Javits, Stones' memories on film, and throwbacky funk downtown



    What You're Doing Tonight 12/19
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    The New York National Boat Show sails into the Javits Center today.

    AHOY: It's the 104th New York National Boat Show! What, no money to buy a boat? Come oooon -- windowshop for when the tide turns and you'll be poised to surf (ha!) the upswing. Javits Center, 12PM-8PM and all weekend.

    ICONIC: Tribeca Arches exhibits 120 snaps shutterbug Nobby Clark took at the legendary 1976 Stones concert -- legendary mostly because of the boasty introduction "I'm Mick Jagger, greatest rock star on earth." (The Beatles had uttered that line about being more popular than Jesus -- they had to come up with something.) 12PM-6PM, also on Saturday.

    SOULFUL: Yeah, we do have a big ol' crush on the Budos Band. What of it? This Daptone Records outfit grooves '70s-style funk like nobody's business - and they'll be at Mercury Lounge with Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens tonight, 10:30PM.

    ZIGGY POP: David Bowie: Music maverick, sartorial rogue, third-nipple haver… everything that made the man's heyday what it was is on parade at MoMA tonight with an evening of early music videos by David Bowie. Watch and learn, kids. 6PM.