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What You’re Doing Tonight: 1/7

Fêting Guthrie 40 years on, an early (silent!) Robin Hood, and two icons come together



    What You’re Doing Tonight: 1/7
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    Legendary folk singer Pete Seeger joins a host of other pickers to celebrate Woody Guthrie's legacy.

    PICKIN': Pete Seeger (pictured), Tom Chapin, Tom Paxton and a host of other artists crowd the Merkin Hall stage for the 40th anniversary celebration of Woody's Children, which pays tribute to Guthrie's influence on folk. 8PM.

    MUM IN TIGHTS: The whole "Steal from the rich, give to the poor" vibe is in the air these days - ride it with MoMA's screening of Allen Dwan's 1922 silent Robin Hood (predecessor to the Errol Flynn version) with Douglas Fairbanks (with live organ accompaniment!). 8PM.

    ELDER THROWDOWN: On one side, Madeleine Albright, plugging her weighty new tome Memo to the President: How We Can Restore America's Reputation and Leadership. On the other, Dan "Granpappy of Bon Mots" Rather. Oh, it's on. 92nd St. Y, 8PM.